Is A Builder’s Preferred Lender The Best Choice?

This video gives you some ways to frame that question.

It’s more efficient and less paperwork for home builders to have financing on new-home sales handled by a single lender. So builders, particularly on larger projects, frequently make arrangements with a “preferred lender.” That lender can be fully informed about their building project which may help them handle your mortgage application more quickly.

As with any large transaction, you should compare options for your financial situation to make the decision about what’s best for you. Be aware of market conditions and compare the preferred lender’s offer to others; in other words, you still need to shop.

Compare terms carefully, and get clarification in writing about what aspects of a builder’s offer apply to which lenders. If you have concerns or feel pressured toward one lender ask for written confirmation that no parties are receiving monetary benefits from any other parties which is illegal under RESPA laws.

It’s natural to want to close quickly but make sure you get the best terms for your long-term investment in a home.