Personal Property Services

Need to buy or sell a business with or without real estate?  Do you want to work with a department with 70+ years of experience? Well, you have come to the right place!   Empire Title Agency has the premier Personal Property Branch in the entire state of Arizona.  They can handle personal property transactions including, but not limited to, Business Sales, Franchises, Stock Sales, Limited Liability Company Sales, Partnership Sales, Partner Buyouts, National Forest Cabins, Liquor Licenses, SBA Loans, Commercial Properties, SBA Refinances, Restaurants, Commercial Refinances and 1031 Exchanges.

Amy, Cindy and Team are extremely dedicated, efficient, passionate and detail-oriented.  Being in this industry has allowed them to be part of special and unique transactions making customer’s dreams come true.  They truly love what they do and being on the journey with so many customers and seeing them through to a successful closing is truly amazing and rewarding.  They can be reached at 602-749-7000. The Personal Property Branch team look forward to working with you at Empire Title Agency!

Our Personal Property Services Team

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I believe in paying it forward and truly, the work done was very professional, timely and much appreciated. Perhaps I will get the chance to meet them in person one day and thank them personally!!

To be honest, there is a sweet treat headed your way but it was special ordered so it is taking a bit more time. You need to know that folks like you are few and far between….your customer service is off the charts, your responsiveness is faster than Mach 1 and your personality is very welcoming, friendly and supportive. YOU…ARE…AWESOME!! Thanks for everything that you have done and are doing to assist me.

Take good care of yourself and be well…..Lynn

Lynn Parkin of Eden Realty Arizona