Trustee Sale Services

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Our comprehensive understanding of Arizona’s statutes and guidelines has made our Trustee Services Division one of the top foreclosure departments in the Southwest. Empire Title provides trustee sale guarantees and facilitates foreclosure sales throughout the state, providing thorough, in-depth service to ensure that every detail of your foreclosure meets state requirements.

Under the direction of Sheri Morris, Empire Title’s Trustee Services division is proud to be one of the top foreclosure service departments in the Southwest. With an extensive knowledge of Arizona’s statutes and guidelines, our team ensures that every part of the foreclosure process is handled professionally.

Trustee & Foreclosure Services

  • Litigation guarantee
  • Trustee sale guarantee
  • Forfeiture guarantee
  • Title Clearing
  • Default documents preparation and recording
  • Statutory compliance for all notifications, posting, mailing, and publication
  • Trustee sales
  • Post-foreclosure title insurance policies

Our Trustee team

Trustee Sale Information

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For months prior, please contact Sheri Morris at (602) 749-7000

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I believe in paying it forward and truly, the work done was very professional, timely and much appreciated. Perhaps I will get the chance to meet them in person one day and thank them personally!!

To be honest, there is a sweet treat headed your way but it was special ordered so it is taking a bit more time. You need to know that folks like you are few and far between….your customer service is off the charts, your responsiveness is faster than Mach 1 and your personality is very welcoming, friendly and supportive. YOU…ARE…AWESOME!! Thanks for everything that you have done and are doing to assist me.

Take good care of yourself and be well…..Lynn

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