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Arizona Area Codes

How do I know what area code to use?

Area codes apply to large geographic areas, not specific cities. In general, Central Phoenix remains 602. The East Valley is 480 and West Valley is 623. If you aren’t sure, try by geographic area first. If you dial incorrectly, you’ll hear an “error” message.

Do I dial a “1” first?

No, local area codes do not represent long distance connections. If you dial a “1” for a local call, you’ll hear an “error” recorded message. Dial a “1” only for long distance.

Will I have to pay for calls that require a different local area code?

No, they’re local, not long distance. If you didn’t pay to call in the past, you won’t have to pay in the future.

Do I have to dial the additional 3-digit area code for every call?

No. The requirements are:

a) Within the same area code: Dial only the 7-digit number, such as 555-5555. You can dial the additional area code, but it isn’t necessary. (Tip: If you program your phone with frequently dialed numbers, you may want to include all area codes in case you move in the future.)

b) Local calls outside your area code: Dial the 10-digit number, such as 623-555-5555.

c) Long-distance calls: no change; dial the 11-digit number, such as 1-623-555-5555.

d) Cell phones/pagers: Most cell phones and pagers are 602. If you are in the 480 or 623 areas, you must dial the 602 area code plus the 7-digit number. If you dialed a “1” and an area code to reach the number in the past, continue to do so.

e) Emergency calls: Dial only the three digits: 911

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