Lender Services


Lenders choose Empire Title Agency because they know they can count on exceptional service and the sound security our title insurance provides. Our team works with lender staff throughout the entire escrow process to ensure every mortgage service requirement is anticipated and met. This diligence, in turn, makes for happier borrowers as it results in a faster, smoother closing process. So whether you’re financing a new purchase or refinancing a current loan, Empire West’s team is your best investment!


Customer Benefits

  • 24-hour turnaround for all title insurance commitments
  • In-house examiners, closing/settlement agents and recording department
  • Satisfactions, payoffs, payment of taxes and Schedule C requirements of the Commitment for Title Insurance
  • Provide CD or Settlement Statement prior to closing for final adjustments to avoid last minute surprises
  • Relationships built on trust, added-value and a reliable team of experts

Why Lenders Love Us

Offer 24-hour Turnaround Time

Quick turnaround for all Commitments for Title Insurance.

Professional, Experienced Staff

Including in-house examiners, closing/settlement agents, and recording department.

Work to Process All Title Related Issues

Including satisfactions, payoffs & payment of taxes along with requirements noted on Schedule C of the Commitment for Title Insurance.

Provide a CD Prior to Closing

To ensure that any required adjustments can be made to avoid last minute surprises.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Empire Title Agency office nearest to you!

I believe in paying it forward and truly, the work done was very professional, timely and much appreciated. Perhaps I will get the chance to meet them in person one day and thank them personally!!

To be honest, there is a sweet treat headed your way but it was special ordered so it is taking a bit more time. You need to know that folks like you are few and far between….your customer service is off the charts, your responsiveness is faster than Mach 1 and your personality is very welcoming, friendly and supportive. YOU…ARE…AWESOME!! Thanks for everything that you have done and are doing to assist me.

Take good care of yourself and be well…..Lynn

Lynn Parkin of Eden Realty Arizona