Trustee Sale Services

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Our comprehensive understanding of Arizona’s statutes and guidelines has made our Trustee Services Division one of the top foreclosure departments in the Southwest. Empire West provides trustee sale guarantees and facilitates foreclosure sales throughout the state, providing thorough, in-depth service to ensure that every detail of your foreclosure meets state requirements.

Under the direction of Sheri Morris, Empire West Title’s Trustee Services division is proud to be one of the top foreclosure service departments in the Southwest. With an extensive knowledge of Arizona’s statutes and guidelines, our team ensures that every part of the foreclosure process is handled professionally.

Trustee & Foreclosure Services

  • Litigation guarantee
  • Trustee sale guarantee
  • Forfeiture guarantee
  • Title Clearing
  • Default documents preparation and recording
  • Statutory compliance for all notifications, posting, mailing, and publication
  • Trustee sales
  • Post-foreclosure title insurance policies

Our Trustee team

Trustee Sale Information

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For months prior, please contact Sheri Morris at (602) 749-7000

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Mr. Bill Witt,

I would like to take this opportunity to taut the excellence and perseverance that we have experienced from your staff. Giving extra special mention to Debbie Hamilton and Israel Navarro.

We had a challenging close to begin with as the cross agent sends us a message that the buyers wanted to cancel the contract the day before close and included a cancelation notification dated 2015 and not from our buyers!

Israel kept us up to date on the signing of the documents on the close date and in the finalization process – always being respectful, informative and supportive.

Then we experienced a “wire” challenge of our funds due to an account number that was not correct. We closed on the 17th of March and received our funds today. You can only imagine the frustration on our part and we were constantly contacting your company for updates.

When we were directed to Debbie Hamilton with our dilemma, she was on it in record time with follow up on what she had done and where the wire status currently was. I cannot say enough about her level of respect, communication skills and compassion through this ordeal. She epitomizes professionalism, talent and leadership.

Thank you Bill for your part in hiring such wonderful staff to represent your company, profoundly, professionally and with unstoppable drive to serve at a very high level.

We are extremely appreciative and happy!!!

Nan Cie Hamilton-Cole
Keller Williams Professional Partners Keller WilliamsTeam Leader Hall of Fame Inductee Women of Strength and Leadership Award Recipient